Aries Хороскоп Овен на Бълграски език

Your main concerns during this month will be about work, career, business. You must take important decisions and make changes that should not be postponed. Unexpected situation that will provoke you further.

Women's health ailments or concerns about the health of close woman / relative. Difficult relationships with women because of differences in mentality.
Inherited property issues and liabilities associated with them will come to the fore. Do not rush to sale, during the summer the situation will look very different from now.
Hopes and expectations associated with a child or grandchild.
Beginning of training or development of talent / gift of a young person in your family.
You'd expect a special meeting with friends or family, probably related to holidays during the month. This will be coupled with interesting and useful discussions on various topics.

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Sad news related to someone you do not know personally or who is not your close friend, but who you respect and like very much.